Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Product review of MAM Anti-Colic bottles.

I have recently received the MAM Anti-Colic bottles to try for myself and to review. Firstly they look good, the base, ring and lid are coloured. They come in 4 colours White, blue, pink and green which I have. The bottle comes in several parts making it easy to clean. It has a vented base which regulates the pressure balance within the bottle providing a smooth and even drinking flow. The milk flowed well and evenly not allowing air bubbles to form and no air swallowing which may result in colic. The teat is different to other teats in that it is flattened on two sides just below the tip and I did find that the teats were just the right flow as not to leak milk when my son sucked.
What also sets the MAM bottles aside from others is the fact that they have a self sterilising feature so no need for a separate bulky steriliser and they are quick to do if you need a bottle in a hurry. All you do is fill 20 ml of water into the base and place the teat in it's ring on the base followed by the main bottle body and the lid then microwave for 3 minutes. You do have to allow some standing time as the bottle does get very hot then pour out the water, Assemble the bottle and make up the feed as required. My son took to the bottles straight the way. Overall I am very happy with the MAM bottles I received and I would definitely recommend to them to others. They are Good value for money and fantastic for preventing colic, I will be buying some more for sure.