Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Mother in-laws card to hubby

I have to share this with you as I think it is so fab. My mother in-law made it fro my husband. I really wish I had thought of it. Some months ago now in fact last year he was in training for a marathon. Going off the beaten track he fell down a hole and into a ditch of stinging nettles. We all thought it was highly amusing until we found out he did so much damage to his ankle he would have been better off to have broken it. He had to pull out of the race and he still isn't right now after months of physiotherapy bless him but at least he can now laugh at it too and loved the card.
Inside the card it said have a happy birthday the HOLE year though.
love it.


  1. What a great card, well done to your m-i-l. I love the fact that she's themed it to his accident and made such a good job of it! Good to know your OH can see the funny side.

  2. What a fantastic card, so creative!